King Purdie


Exclusive Interview 


BIO? My name is Albert Tashawn Purdie usually referred to as Purdie, My Artist name is King Purdie. I’m from Raeford, NC. Known as bucktown. I’m 20, Born on December 20th


Top 5 influences? Lil Wayne, Montana of 300, J cole, NBA young boy, chance the rapper


New Projects? (Debut Mixtape) December 27th 2017 – The Awakening


What helped get into music: Growing up listening to Lil Wayne and hearing how creative his punchlines were, but seeing where if i made the song I would have finished that verse saying something different. I always saw rappers go from struggling to saying they made it and who doesn’t want that. I knew I could be good at it and as time went on, the more committed I got


Anything to tell your fans?  I appreciate all my fans. They’ll either count me out or support me, either way it’s happening. Goals for 2018: To be heard and to be able to say I grew from this moment next year.

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