Orpheus the Magician

Orpheus the Magician

Exclusive Interview 

BIO? Orpheus the Magician is an individual of unknown origins. A fairly new artist who started in June 2017. Taking the name from the Greek mythological musician Orpheus and the Magician arcana from tarot that connects the heavens and the earth. Orpheus is a member of the Albedo Feature, which consists of his producer BVU and two other artists Mo-Trippy and PureWZRD.

Top 5 influences? Scarface, SPM, K-Rino, Outkast, and DJ Screw

New Projects? BVU and I have been working non-stop on our first collaborative EP called The Series of Misfortunate Laments. It’s a collective of story-telling tracks, but done differently. We have a bit of something for everyone on each track and BVU has been putting down some solid beat production in the lab. It should be out early next year.

What got you into music?  I used to write poetry when I was younger, alot of the tracks I’ve written are from life experiences, just with a spin on it. I was told that my poems sounded like rap, so I started getting into lyricism. The people I shared some of my writings with in the past most definitely got me started in rap. I’m intrigued with Greek tragedy, especially since I’ve lived a not so ideal life. It’s been a struggle, but my producer has been keeping me motivated to keep writing up content. I’m extremely grateful for that.

Anything to say to your fans? To never give up, even if it seems like it’s the easiest way out. It never is.

Biggest Goals? My biggest goal is to stay motivated. It’s easy to mix life and music up, love one and hate the other, picking a pen up and putting it down. Because I’m working with solid people who are in my corner, I have the drive to keep cranking out tracks.

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