Lul Benz




Exclusive Interview 



Bio? Goes by rap name Lul Benz. Im from Charlotte Nc born and raised on the east love my city and side. 18 cooking up my own recipe got it in motion already. Came 2017 warming up. 2018 gonna keep cooking.


Top 5 influences? (no order) Chief keef Playboi carti Rich the kid Lil yachty Famous dex


New projects? not really dating anything just releasing singles here and there when i feel and when the people feel. More in 2018 of course and still now. So stay updated.


What got you into music? when i was younger and all i did was listen to music to stay out streets or trouble or to block out negativity. Music was always there to help get threw it.


Anything to tell your fans?  the one thing id tell my fans is to never accept any type of criticism from anyone. Be you. Be smart. Be great. Dreams only come when you MAKE them true feel me. Always grind. Never let anyone/anything block you from getting where you need to be.


Goals for 2018? Promising 2018 gonna be the year my name spread. Releasing dozens every month running it up. Hoping all prayers are answered. Hoping everyone/everything is well. Its a another come up happening.

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