Neon Dion

Neon Dion

BIO: How’s it going everyone, I’m Neon Dion, I’m a 22 year old hip hop/ r&b artist out of the St. Louis Metro East!

Top 5 Influences? My top 5 influences with making music and inspirations are A lot of the underground artists you see today, people like Oliver, Lil Peep, 6obby, 6 dogs, and then on top of that, Eminem, Outkast, N.W.A., Mac miller, and Chance the rapper. But overall a little bit of everything.

New Projects? I have a new EP Neon Nights that’ll be dropping this Thanksgiving for you guys and I hope y’all enjoy it! I do a little bit of everything with it and have a bonus track (or 2 😉 on there!)

What helped you get into music? What helped me get into music was my brother actually, sadly in rough circumstances, it was after my dad had died of a heart attack when I was 13 and making music helped me deal with the pain and the things I was feeling. My brother bought me a microphone and the old pro tools so I could record on our computer at home, and from there I started to work on my craft. I started to truly take music seriously about a year ago when I realized that music was always what I wanted to do after failing out of college and having my stepfather getting sick with Cancer, and I decided to do something good with all the stuff I’ve had to deal with in my life and try and help people that were in the same boat.

Anything to tell your fans? If there’s anything I’d tell my fans, it’s to love others, and learn to love everyday of life. At times things get hard, but it’s how we come back from those hard times that make us into the people we were meant to be. Remember everyone is human and to show kindness to all, as well I love every single one of you!! You make me the happiest man on earth!

Biggest Goals of 2017? My biggest goals of 2017 is to really get out on the music scene, first mostly hoping to get on Elevators YouTube page with a music video as well as some features with larger artists and making more music you guys will all enjoy! I also hope to do my first show and really get to interact with my fans and get to know them! And for next year I’m hoping by the end of 2018 to have a video with Cole Bennet, so it’s time to make that happen!

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