Toofpick Will

  1.  Exclusive Interview 

    Bio? Born to humble beginnings in San Antonio, Texas, Toofpick Will knows all too well how to overcome obstacles in life. Born to a single mother of five children, and surviving homelessness, Toofpick was determined to make a way for himself and his family. As a way to mentally escape his troubled childhood, Toofpick began rapping at the young age of 14. He was given the name “Toofpick” due to his lanky figure and because he was always seen with a toothpick in his mouth. Inspired by hip hop artists such as 2pac, Big L, and Chamillionare, Toofpick knew that music was his calling. Toofpick was focused on using music as a way to prove his naysayers wrong and as a way out of poverty. Toofpick is dedicated to bringing rawness and authenticity back to today’s hip hop world. He states, “I have endured the lures and politics of today’s rap industry, which exploits the use of gimmicks as well as fake street images and names to sell records and obliterate the essence of what a true MC really is.” Will is currently working with his older brother Cee Sueno, and his label New World Entertainment,which has received major buzz in the underground San Antonio hip hop street circuit. This is only the beginning for Toofpick Will. With his candid vulnerability , smooth lyrical flow, and a dynamic stage presence, Toofpick proves that he can go against the best in today’s hip hop arena and come out triumphant. Toofpick Will is the voice of hip hop’s generation next.

    Top 5 Influences? As diverse and versatile music is,it’s difficult to reduce everything that influenced me into 5 choices,i’ll name out who i’m listenin to right now to makeup for this in no particular order: 2Pac, The Beatles, Big L, Bob Marley, The Beach Boys

    New projects? I have this new EP that’s a bit of a compilation of singles I’m dropping,I’ve started last July with my 1st single “Hit the Gas” which is doing well with the video on YouTube gettin 1000s of plays and counting,I just released another single titled “I Smoke Good” that’s out everywhere,it’s with my older bro Cee Sueño, he helped get me started in recording and Getting my career started

    Anything to tell your fans? If you want to ingest, you got to invest.

    Goals for 2018? 2018 is upon us, so I aspire to make that the year I release my next project which by the way is titled “The EP of all EPs” because I believe this is my greatest work thus far, seeing that I’ll be more involved in production of this EP, which stands for Extended Play. It has more tracks than a single but isn’t enough to make it as an album,I have not given a timetable yet on my debut album, so until then, Listen to “Hit The Gas” & “I Smoke Good” it’s worth a listen!

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