Exclusive Interview  


New Projects? I just dropped a new album called Side Effects on Black Friday produced by Greig “OB” Session from The Hit Masterz and The Hit Cartel Records.


Top 5 influences? : Pearl Jam Kurt Cobain Stone Temple Pilots Johnny Cash Bob Marley


What got you into music? I got into music because my Uncle Robert and his friends all played guitars and at 8 years old, I wanted to jam with them some day. I started off by writing little rap verses without music and then I picked up a guitar at 16. Everything changed from that point on.


Anything to tell your fans? I would like to tell my fans that its in giving of myself that I receive the greatest gifts. I’d rather understand than to be understood and to live with love rather than anger or fear.


Biggest Goals of 2017?  The biggest goal of 2017 was to release something I’m truly proud of as an artist and Side Effects did that for me. 2018 I plan on hitting the festival circuit and playing a lot of shows all over the country. I’ll probably release another album next summer.

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