ILL Jibb




Exclusive Interview 



Bio ILL Jibb is a young rapper out of Invercargill, New Zealand that has a sound similar to the new wave of rap mixed with his own lyrical, fast spitting flair. Dropping his debut single in early 2017 and collaborating with other artists from around the world with his newly released single ‘Bitch”.


Top 5 Influences? Lil Uzi Vert and Trippie Redd are my favorite artists atm so definitely both of them and how they come from the bottom. Eminem definitely aswel. Lil Peep and his emo style that was one of the first to blow up like that through SoundCloud Biggest Influence though would have to be Travis Scott, his combination of rapping and singing, doing his own thing and then making his label for those kinds of artist’s, he’s a big reason why I try release both rapping and melodic type songs.


When are your new projects coming out? I’m working on a few things now and planning to get a few bigger artist’s on my tracks. I’m also in the process of sorting out a deal with a label to market and release on a bigger platform which should be good for exposure.


What helped you get into Music? I’ve always been big on music since school , interested in different genre’s. Rap became a fun thing to do as a hobby and it’s just grown into a more serious thing along with my brother producing tracks, everything just fit into place.


What is one thing you would tell your fans? I have a degree in IT so I’m doing that 2 chains route .


What is your biggest goals for 2017? Secure this deal to reach a bigger audience, get more tracks out with bigger artist’s. I didn’t take this thing seriously until about late this year when I started gaining traction and had listeners around the world. People listen to my music in Mexico which was crazy so now I’m just trying to keep that ball rolling and get out there.

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