Exclusive Interview 


Top 5 Influences? Hip Hops Twin Towers Pac & Big, Em, Kid Cudi, & Bad… Got to mention honorable mention Slick Rick & Rakim lol


When are your new projects coming out? Early next year aiming for February


What helped you get into music? Poetry, loss, storytelling. Poetry as I grew up a reader & read a lot of poetry and how to write a poem. Storytelling from the experience’s I’ve been through and last but not least is loss. Loss of my best friend’s​ 2 time’s. 2 different cousins and Tata / grandpa brought me to hip hop and albums like Nas God’s Son getting me through that hard place.


What is one thing you would tell your fans? I respect all musicians as it is a hustle to no stopping. But, just know that when I do a song, beat or rapping…I’m putting my heart, soul, and passion into it so you can feel how I feel or fealt at that moment in time.


What are your biggest goals for 2017? 2017 on my YouTube channel every week to end the year I’m doing a new song of the week. It will feature either a song I did solo, beat I made, song I wrote, or a song I’m featured in. Check it out and I’ll be doing a kickstarter soon for 90 day’s leading to my album Blood, Sweat, & beats releasing a bit after the kickstarter in February or March as worst case scenario. Last and of course not least I appreciate your support more than I can say. ~Get Adam Perez

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