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BIO Unannounced is a two man group out of Arizona. Unannounced was formed in 2014 and has been creating new music, and playing live shows ever since. The group released a full length album in July 2017 titled “Rooftop Stories” and has a studio album lined up for 2018 Titled “HSK”. Unannounced brings hip hop, rock and EDM together to flow to its unheard style. Unannounced members wear masks, and refrain from showing their faces. With the mystery of who they are, comes an unknown expectation from each song. The members of Unannounced are “noName3” and “Ghost” What inspires you to make music? Inspiration is the connection with other people. There is no better feeling in the world than connecting with listeners.


Tell us about this project? “Rooftop Stories” came into existence after a summer of long nights and early mornings from the rooftop of a friend’s house. With the conversations about past successes and failures, Unannounced decided to call their first album Rooftop Stories.


Who were your musical inspirations growing up? Beastie Boys, Eminem, Deuce, Run-D. M.C., Atmosphere, and Mac Lethal When are your new projects coming out? For the holidays we will be releasing a special edition of Rooftop Stories which will include an unreleased track. Our next full length album “HSK” which stands for Humble Selfish Killers, is expected to release in the spring of 2018. HSK will be our first studio and label backed album.


What helped you get into music? Being that we have two artists in the group, we care into music different ways. “noName3” started writing and producing 10 years ago while in college. Music was an escape for the creator of Unannounced. “Ghost” came into music while in high school and was influenced by family ties to the music scene. Ghost was the main reason for Unannounced being introduced to the stages of Arizona.


How long have you been creating music? The members of Unannounced have a combined 13 years of music writing experience. To our fans, we appreciate your interest in our work. We look forward to bringing forth new projects to continue to connect, inspire and intrigue you. As far for our goals in 2017, We honestly met all of them and are working on achieving our goals for 2018. Thank you to our fans for helping us achieve them.

Album Now Available On iTunes!



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