The Creative One

  1. bmhcr2fJ

    Exclusive Interview 

    BIO? My name is Tyler Hammons (The Creative One), you can call me whatever you want though. Was born in Columbus Ohio, but really grew up in Richwood Ohio. I went to college at The University of Akron for a couple years studying Fashion Design/Merchandising. Ended up goin back home to save up money and start my own clothing line. I was also interning with Jevon Terance at the time. He’s a fashion designer in Lorain/Cleveland Ohio. Good ass dude. Really took my sewing game to another level. I modeled for him too, but modelin stories are for another day.. I ended up moving to Philly in February of 2017 to be close to New York. Philly has ended up being pretty dope itself. There’s so many cities I wanna see and live in, but I can’t leave philly yet. The foods too good. Some nice artists here as well.

    What helped you get into music?  Nothin. Ive just always personally liked music. Whether it was me in the van askin my parents like “what instrument was that”? Or just singing along with various artists. I enjoyed choir/show choir growing up in school. Even being from a community where sports were more supported, I felt like I had to get a solo or part in the musical. I started writing bars/songs down in 6-7th grade. I fell in love with it. It wasn’t till after high school though that I started producing. So it’s been about 5 years now. I didn’t care if it was the hottest beat ever or garbage. I was just experimenting with my own sound, getting comfortable with myself as a producer. I used to tell myself I wanted to be able to produce for myself and rely on myself as an artist. It feels good to be in this position now. Don’t get me wrong though, there’ll be a couple songs on the Album produced by other people. I just feel like no one knows your sound better than you.

    “It Gets Better” Credits? I produced the whole track, no sampling involved. I’m also the vocalist on Verse 2 and the bridge. theMIND () is the featured artist on Verse One. Joonie Jong (), recorded the bridge vocals and played an additional bass line on the bridge. Andrew Ha (Owner of Repercussion Studios), mixed/mastered the track. He also recorded my verse. Cover art was made by , I gave him the concept, but it turned out better than I ever imagined. Thank you to everyone involved.

    Top 5 Influences?  Kid Cudi Kanye West Frank Ocean Lil Wayne Justin Timberlake

    Anything to tell your fans?  (Be Safe).. But for real, I just dropped my first song.. EVER!! Idk if I even have fans yet haha. I guess thank you for liking the single (if you do), if not, it gets better 🙂
    When does your new project coming out?  Maybe like Summertime of 2018. It’s in the works though. Also, I don’t plan on putting out anymore songs off the album till it’s released. So unless I’m featured on somethin or do some random Collab, I’ll be workin in silence.
    Biggest Goals of 2017? Maaan.. did I take some L’s early 2017.. it felt like I needed “It Gets Better” to drop just to have one goal accomplished this year haha. It’s all good though, I made moves. As for the rest of 2017, Ima just keep working on this album, and do me. My birthday is coming up in December, Lebron year right around the corner..

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