J. Dav

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    Exclusive Interview 

    Bio? Back On The Road is an indie released debut mixtape from up and coming South Carolina emcee J. Dav. A unique sound blended with lyricism and old school vibes, this mixtape is an introduction to his artistry. This 24 year old rapper was raised in the small town of Laurens, SC and currently resides in Columbia, SC. He always had a love for rhythm and poetry and began writing raps at thirteen. He has been a passionate hip hop fan his entire life and grew up listening to non-stop music throughout the day.

    Who are your top 5 influences ? It is really tough to only list five musical influences because over the years I have had so many different artist inspire me to become a musician but if I had to just pick five I would go with Nas, Kendrick Lamar, Eminem, Tupac, and J. Cole in no particular order.

    When are your new projects coming out? I currently have two new mixtapes I plan to release in January or February of 2018. Damage Control and Fatality. Damage Control will be eight tracks of me flowing over popular instrumentals both new and old school. This tape definitely helped me improve and take my songwriting to another level because I had to make sure I did all of those beats justice. Fatality is a mixtape that will consist of ten original tracks. It is sort of the next chapter in the book picking up where Back On The Road left off. I have gone through a lot mentally, spiritually, and emotionally in order to release three projects over the span of six months and Fatality is a full reflection of that journey. It is a personal and introspective project. Also, differing from my debut, these two projects will include a couple of features from local artists in my area.

    What helped you get into music? I have always been a huge fan of Hip Hop and even though I have written rhymes since my teenage years I never really thought I would pursue a rap career. However, I was always passionate about music and knew I would like to somehow be involved in the industry one day. As I continued to become more of a fan I began to venture out and listen to more genres such Indie Rock, R&B, EDM, and Reggae. All of this helped motivate me to release a project. By the time I had written twenty or so songs and started getting good reactions from people, I then knew I was going to start releasing mixtapes and taking rap serious as a career.

    What is one thing you would tell your fans?  I would just like to tell anyone who listens to my music, please continue to support. I appreciate every fan. If you liked my first project, I think you will love my new material. I have been working extremely hard on my craft over the last few months and I believe the improvements will be noticeable. Peace, Love, and Good Vibes.

    What are your biggest goals for 2018? My biggest goals for 2018 are to continue building my fanbase and growing an online buzz. I also want to get more involved with my local music scene so I can build more connections and start doing shows in my city. Last but not least, I plan to continue improving my skills while learning how to navigate through the music industry while being an independent artist.

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