B.O.E Bread Over Everything x Bankroll Brothass

  1. Exclusive Interview  

    BIO? KIDD YUNG RC &DEZZY D of B.O.E Bread Over Everything x Bankroll Brothass out of the south side of Las Vegas. We started as three best friends who don’t ever turn they back on each other one fight we all fight. Kidd is a local born and raised in Vegas Yung RC norm in longbeach moved back to Vegas wit his pops when he realized he had some real brothers and dezzy d from Wisconsin moved to Vegas when he was a boy. We started this rapping when we where going in to our freshman for fun. To our senior when we dropped Drippin by Kidd and Yung RC. That we realized we could produce music for the streets and supporters.

    Influences? artists that influence our music now is DMX gherbo NBA youngboy and lud foe.

    What helped you get into music? What helped us create music was when our football dreams wasn’t really dreams no more always had trouble wit a lot of kids we went to and fighting a lot that we got tired of it. Also want to thank my big brother Jboog for pushing us to our limits and keeping us on our toes. And was just like we gone create music to turn out haters to fans.

    New Projects? We got a project coming soon music in stock and trying to set the bar high by dropping our music as the streets wants and needs to hear a follow for Vegas that hasn’t been brought to the table at the same time staying humble and grinding everyday. One thing we want the fans to know and always remember stay tuned to a few Yung wild niggas we ain’t finna let nobody down we ain’t got no choice but this music.

    Biggest Goal for 2017? Biggest goal for 2017 is stay motivated and produce great music get to check and blow up before we graduate in 2018 cause we want to be different. Something a lot of rappers don’t got a high school diploma. Any further questions feel free to ask.

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