Sha’ Staxkz

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    Exclusive Interview 

    BIO Independent Recording Artist Sha’ Staxkz, A.K.A. Staxkz “Calls Home” . Staxkz was born on a hot summer day June 17,1991(26 years old) One of the last Greatest era’s of New york City gritty hip hop. Staxkz comes from a multi cultural background Father James Williams Senior (African American) who has been incarcerated for 5 years When Staxkz was a boy growing up on Burke and holland in the bronx , His mother Julie Velez -Mendez (puerto rican) who is a big hip hop fan an active supporter in Staxkz life . Staxkz Starting Rapping and Writing lyrics when He was 14 years of age , and fall in love With his own music. while perfecting his craft

    Top 5 Influences? Some of Staxkz influences and still are Biggie Smalls , Corey Gunz (Bronx rapper) Big pun (Bronx rapper),Styles p, Jay-z, 50 cent,

    New Projects? I just Dropped the 2nd Degree Mixtape 2 Days Ago And It’s doing very well..I Also have a Project Inside Out That’s Was Suppose Too go out before 2nd Degree till I Got In a Bad Accident And burned Myself with 2nd degree burns..but I.S.O. Will Follow Up After 2nd Degree Mixtape By End Of January I.S.O will be here

    What got you into music? Being around the culture and being around my mom young when she would play the boom box on the train and have me riding wit her in the Bronx

    Anything to tell your fans? My fans is my family. I love ya. And even the ones that do look up too me I want them too have a successful life and you can do anything you want too do if you put you mind too it

    Goals for 2018? Signing too a major label with my label GGM Also And Shooting For A venture deal

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