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    Exclusive Interview 
    Bio?: Hey Guys! My name is Shandell, and I am a singer/songwriter. A bit about my music background, I have been songwriting since I was 8 years old, and I have been singing since birth. I have written songs for commercials, indie films, student films, YouTube series, esc… My musical influence are MJ, The internet, Eryka Badu, Lauren Hill, Sade, Ameil Laurrex, Tribe called quest, The Roots, Total, TLC, Missy Elliott, Fiona Apple, Jewl,Lenny Kravits, Jamiraquai, esc.. My sound I would defined as Urban/soul, my music is very relatable to people just like me..outcast, misfits, loners, artsy, unique, soulful, painful, prideful…my sound is just me. I write about things I deal with on an everyday basis, the things I see, the things I hear, what I feel. Facts about me: I was born in Richmond,VA. Some of the greatest artist who are still around are from my hometown. I genuinely just want my music to touch others…Like the kid who is lost in the world, the single mom searching for hope, the gay boy/girl being bullied at school with no one to talk to at home… I just want to help make people feel good about themselves again, without worrying about what others think. I guess that’s really it for now.

    Top 5 influences? Erykah Badu, logic, Jamiraquai, MJ, A tribe called quest

    New Projects? New projects will be out spring 2018, I hope…

    What helped get you into music? What helped me get into music was the melodies, the bass, the feeling. Man I remember riding to head start playing ” ain’t to proud to beg” by tlc on a Just for me tape… your not old school if you have never recorded over a cassette lls

    Anything to tell your fans? One thing I will tell my fans is “Never let a no discourage you from getting a yes” just because 1 person doesn’t like your shit, doesn’t mean it’s not good to someone else. Your the shit to me

    Biggest goals for 2017? My biggest goals for 2018 is to get booked for better shows, and to build a better following of creative minds. Oh and to make hell

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