1. ht3DfkUn_400x400
    Exclusive Interview 
    BIO I was born in Hammond, Indiana and raised in rough streets of East Chicago, Indiana. Spent some years in Gary. Music has always been in my life like anyone else. Early on I thought I was gonna be a singer. I always laugh at that. But I guess I can hit a note or too. But if you really wanna get to know who I am just listen my music or follow me on social media.

    Top 5 influences?: Jay-Z, Kanye West, 2 PAC, Drake, Notorious BIG. I actually can name more because the entire culture is a influence. I can’t forget about my brother Joe Brand. and my cousin Quick Kusher, he was taken a year ago from us with gun violence.

    New Project? My newest project “GrinD State Of MinD” is out now on Sprinrilla just dropped last month. The wave will soon be a tsunami. Just gotta stay on promoting and start putting some visuals together. The music is there just gotta get it to the masses.

    What helped you get into music? My brother/College friend Joe Brand use to talk about his dreams. He always talked about how he can rap and that he’s gonna make it. So one night in a studio in Kentucky he lit the spark on music journey. He made me see that I was too capable of doing great things.

    Anything to say to your fans?  I love you all. I hope some day I can bless them all. Look forward to the journey we’re heading on.

    Goals for 2017? I’m no longer focus on that. 2018 however is the year that I hope I’m living out my dreams. Legacy is the most important thing having a young king. I had him 2 years ago. He is the motivation and blessing that keeps me whole. All fathers should love they children as much as I love my kid.

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