Peter Colyns

#Mr695 Beltway Barz

Exclusive Interview

Bio: Peter Colyns was born in Dec of 1996 & grew up to be known by his now Stage Name Phac3. (Pronounced Face) The 21yr old is a Hip Hop Artist, Songwriter/Rapper who hails from Edgewood, MD in Harford County, also known to its residents as Hazard County.

Top 5 Influences? My 5 Biggest Influences are Lil Wayne, Drake, Wiz, Lil Boosie & my Family TBH.

New Projects? My upcoming project will be my debut album titled “Phases & Faces” coming out soon. Hopefully early 2018 as we are shooting for a February release date. As for now my debut single titled “4AM” is blazing up the charts & is available on all Major Downloading & Streaming sites. Just search ”Phac3 4AM”

What helped you get into music? What helped me get into Music was the fact that it gave me an outlet where people wouldn’t listen too me talk they could understand me through my music. That’s really what helped me get into music and the more I made the better I got at it… It was like I was meant too do it

Anything to tell your fans? Even though it’s cliche, I would always tell artist to follow ya dreams. Can’t nobody tell you what you can or can’t do but yourself. Nobody gets ya story like you’ll understand it. Nobody believes the dream until it manifests and you’ll be a fool to let someone tell you otherwise. Life has a strange way of bringing the best or the worst out of people it’s your choice which side you paint your mural on.

Biggest Goals of 2017? My biggest goals for 2017 going into 2018 would be to make more bangers and support my fellow loved ones with the music. And travel the world and blaze stages to the fullest and not to let anyone stand in the way 

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