Michael Vincent

  1. 0bTMX5cF
    Exclusive Interview 
    BIO:Michael Vincent is a Ohio-born Lyricist with a knack for old school/abstract hip-hop. He is most commonly known for his single “Runaway” currently sitting around a 190,000 views, a song that speaks on his early home life including his mother passing away at the age of eleven and his father going to prison at the age of fourteen. He started making music around the late-2000’s when he was fifteen as a way to vent, telling his story to whoever would listen, doing the best with what he had. Mainly using old instrumentals including anyone from J. Dilla to kankick, Pete Rock etc. but occasionally having a more modern “type beat” sound to try and branch out from his comfort zone. Trying his best using software like Garageband and a microphone he bought for $65 to try and successfully create a sound worth hearing.

    Top 5 Influences? Top 5 influences is hard. It’s changed so much over time. Right now I’d have to say 1. L’orange- he’s an artist who has re-defined my perceptions of music almost entirely to a more artistic perspective. 2. J.Dilla- I mean, I probably won’t collaborate with you if you don’t know Dilla. But that’s hard to say, haha. 3.MF Doom- This man showed me its okay to be different and pushed me to not try to be like anyone else 4.Kev Brown- “I do what I do” gave me a realization that you don’t need all the bells and whistles to create a unique sound. Steez- just the way he blended words and had the aspiration for a higher consciousness was something I hadn’t heard in the music industry around that time. Plus he’s just a really cool guy.

    When are new projects coming out? Well, right now Im working on a beat tape that’ll include some artists that are apart of the collective I’m with which should be out late December- mid January. Until then I’ll be putting out some singles here and there beats and some stuff that I’ll spit on.

    What helped you get into music? I had always written things down from time to time, constantly listening to music to try and escape from the chaotic environment I grew up in. The stories I was hearing in hip hop were more relatable so I guess that’s what got me to buy a Mic.

    What is one thing you would tell you’re fans? Don’t give up on me yet.

    What’re your biggest goals of 2017? To finally find my sound by putting out this tape mid Dec.-late Jan. plus figuring out what Im trying to contribute to the music/art industry in general and finally to see BDS turn into something more than a group of kids with some different ideas but a group of people with their own platforms and aspirations still collaborating within the group while helping it grow outwards.

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