Exclusive Interview 



BIO: DNSK (Daniel Asplund) is an ordinary fellow from the small Swedish town of Knivsta; born in 1982 at Akademiska Sjukhuset in Uppsala, Sweden. 1994 was the year he started out as a DJ and has no plans on quitting anytime soon. In 2010 he also started to produce various electronic music, assorted beats and Noise, as well as Spoken Word, at home as a hobby. Today, with 23 years of DJ experience, he is all about sharing the music with his fellow humans through various channels like YouTube, HearThis.at, SoundCloud and Mixcloud – also by discussing and debating music in various forums. TOP 5 INFLUENCES: DJ Shadow, Jimi Hendrix, The Chemical Brothers, Depeche Mode, Jim Morrison.


New Projects? : I am at the moment focusing a lot on YouTube Live, where I broadcast almost daily; mostly electronic music, but also freeform sets with Hip-Hop, Glitch Hop, Breaks and such – even Noise! I have a project on the drawing table titled ‘> JSUT PSUH [ALPY]’ (Just Push PLAY) which still is under construction, both genre- and format wise, but the plan is to release it Q1 of 2018.


What helped you get into music? : My beloved sister made mixtapes for me to listen to when I was a kid, which contained all sorts of music. My knowledge in music – theory and practice – is mostly thanks to her. So, in 1994 I bought an 2-channel Gemini mixer and hooked up regular CD-players to it, and PSHUED [ALPY].


Anything to tell your fans?  Music is love, music is life – one is all, and all is one; and that is what we become when we are entangled by the noise of life, as well as the sound of silence. God might just be a DJ, for all I know.


Biggest Goals Of 2018? I see life as a multitude of part-goals; like my DJ-sets, I tend to do all things on-the-fly. I don’t think outside the box, I think like there is no box. Thus, the only ‘goal’ I have for this year is to keep going, and going – like the time within space which is, in my humble opinion, eternal. Like KLF stated in 1991 in the legendary piece ‘3 A.M. Eternal’ – “Got to see that everywhere I turn will point to the fact that time is eternal”.

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