Exclusive Interview 


BIO? yoo im graydawgslim i make my own brand of hiphop music. I’m just trying to have some fun and make music for myself that I like.


Top 5 Influences? top 5 influences.. i gotta put young thug at the top he is the greatest as far as I’m concerned.. i loved eyedea (from eyedea and abilities) back in high school he was lit.. he kinda got me into hiphop. honestly chance the rapper kinda made me realize that this music shit was possible so i gotta put him in there. acid rap was one of the best albums of all time.. Chris cornell from soundgardenhas gotta go in there he was on another level with his vocals and songwriting.. rip! and lastly… hmm shit probably mac miller or schoolboy q.. can’t decide


New Projects? i just dropped the first part of my underwatercircus project its kinda going up a little. ima gonna drop a lot more singles and part 2 by the end of the year. I’m basically done with it just gotta do


What got you into music? I’ve been into music my whole life my dad is a guitar player and toured the world playing music so i saw that and was like ‘that seems dope ima do that’ lol. i played bass guitar growing up and i was in jazz band n shit i barley started the hiphop thing 2 or 3 years ago. its a lot more fun for me i didn’t really wanna just be some bass player lol i was always more of a song writer anyways


Anything to tell your fans? one thing id tell a fan is a phrase that I’ve been trying to live by: do what you love, be with the people you love, and make some fuckin money to support the things and people you love. it sounds simple but its easy to get distracted by bullshit.. thats really all that matters to me tho


Biggest Goals for 2017? goals for 2017: make money, make music, get my weiner sucked alot🤑👽

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