Exclusive Interview 



BIO? My name is Bernell Lassai AKA Bjai AKA Budda. I am a Singer/Songwriter, and Actor. I was born and raised in Chicago, specifically the South Shore neighborhood. I have been performing all my life, in pretty much any space available. I would perform in the school cafeteria, the church choir, school plays, etc. In High School, I decided to really take this craft seriously and dived into the theatre/musical theatre scene. That led me to study Musical Theatre in college (The Conservatory of Theatre Arts at Webster University). After graduating, coming back home, and working in the theatre scene a bit, I realized that I still wasn’t really artistically fulfilled and wasn’t expressing myself how I really wanted to, and that led me back to telling my own stories and ideas. I spent so much time training and working on Music, Acting, Dancing and gaining life experiences. I felt this was the perfect time to share myself with the rest of the world.


Top 5 influences?: Frank Ocean, Janelle Monae, Maxwell, Beyonce’, Dawn Richard


When are your projects coming out? I really wanted to give myself time to really invest thought into my debut project, so it will probably come out around March of 2018. Until then I’m just writing and recording like crazy and dropping shit when the vibe is right.


What is one thing you would tell your fans? This life is temporary, spend it doing exactly what YOU want to do. Do not live YOUR life for anyone else. Meditate. Hydrate. Elevate.


What are your biggest goals for 2017? My biggest goal for 2017 is to remain mindful and present. Commit to self-care, write Every day, abandon fear and other people’s opinions

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