Grant Ball





Exclusive Interview 



BIO I started as a producer making beats for other artists. My name is Grant Ball and I’m a music artist based out of Halifax Nova Scotia Canada. I have released one full length studio album and many singles


Top 5 Influences? My top influences starting out in music were hip hop artists named Toby Mac and Lecrae. They were the first representations of hip hop that had heard. Those two artists really gave me my sound and perception of what hip hop is all about, they also helped me to get through some rough times in my life. My top influences now would probably be Kendrick, Travis Scott and Tyler the creator. I love there sound and there energy, it’s really inspired me to do better and to perfect my craft.


New Project? My first studio album came out last summer “Summer Freshman” you can find that on all streaming services. I’m in the process of working on a new album, no dates or titles have been confirmed yet but I’m confident that the final product will be amazing.


What got you into music? I would say the first thing that got me into music was my mom. She was actually the first one to introduce me to a hip hop artist, that hip hop artist was Toby Mac. I remember having a live concert DVD from a Toby Mac tour and watching it for hours and hours on end. It gave me the perspective of an artist. I guess you could say my mom was my first inspiration to start making hip hop music.


Anything to tell your fans? If I was going to send a message to my fans now , it would probably be to thank them for there support. Nothing gets done or nothing ever reaches a certain level without a strong community of fans. There your backbone, there your foundation.


Biggest Goals for 2017/2018? My biggest goals for 2017/2018 is to grow my business and my fan base. I am an independent artist so any opportunities such as the one Fantasy-Hop has giving me I jump on it and do the best I can to represent who I really am as an artist.

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