Susie Shortt

Susie Shortt

Exclusive Interview 

         BIO: Susie Shortt Started playing age 4 Composing at age 13 Touring regionally at 13 for pit orchestras. Studied with Katherine Sasaki, Anne Foreman and Jazz Violinist Randy Sabien. Received Masters in Music education I teach at Jamison Taylor School of Music in Pell City, AL and Homewood School of Music in Homewood, AL My business is called Susie The Wedding Fiddler I perform all over the country performing weddings I was classically trained but knew I didn’t fit in that crowd. During rehearsals I would jam to rock and bluegrass


           Top 5 influences? Elvis Presley Neil Diamond Jay Ungar Doobie Brothers Flat/Scruggs Elvis: always been fascinated with his stage presence and his passion. I try to incorporate that in my Performances and music Neil: He’s an awesome composer one of the reasons I arrange music and love to write rock ballads Jay: My main passion is old Timey fiddle and jay is one of my heroes love to hear him play and just close my eyes and visually interpret his music Doobie brothers Omg they changed my life musically When I first heard then I ditch classical and just jammed and my rock n roll journey began


           New Projects? 2017-Release Susie Shortt -Roots 2 Grass is on Amazon, CD Baby 3 original tunes Written by me Buck Creek Waters Mulberry Fork Molly Maguires 2 covers Burning house by CAM And the grass won’t pay no mind neil diamond 2016 Worked in Vegas and performed with Wayne Newton 2017 Performed with Reuben Studdard Jennifer Holliday Temptations 2018 Lead fiddle for Uptown Rounders Touring w my bluegrass band Roots2grass Working on videos for Molly Maguires Working on Christmas and Gospel CDS

  1. What helped me get into the music? I always played music in some capacity but it didn’t pay the bills Well in 2000 my life changed. Took my 401k and made susie the wedding fiddler happen been doing it full time ever since The name was inspired by the Adam Sandler movie the wedding singer I’m a hopeless romantic and cry at every wedding I do! I love weddings and performing so I thought let’s do this!

    One thing to tell fans? Never give up life is too short follow your dreams and be kind and thank people who have helped you along the way. Stay level headed and thank God every day

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