Exclusive Interview 

    BIO? I started as a dj and my first influence was Jazzy Jeff. My second is Marley Marl. After spinning for quite some time i started to graduate my from blending sounds to wanting to create them. 

    Influences? I started to understand Dr. Dre, Dj premier, and Timbaland. those were my first influences.

    New Projects? i have a few projects. I work with a group called divine suns. I produced the entire album for their first project called “Real Life Rap”. I did a few tracks on their new album. I have a beat “mixtape” on that piff called “Encornelious Instrumentals”. And im working on a new beat series. I jus have to get my artwork done. I also have my youtube channel. Encornelious/you tube. soundcloud and beatstars.

    What got you into music? When i was young used to go and play the old records in my basement that my older siblings and mom had. As i started digging i started coming across samples that i heard rappers use. then it started to become realistic for me to do this.

    Anything to tell your fans? One thing i would tell my fans is that I appreciate them and thanks for your support. I will do my best to keep you feeling like you can listen to hip hop even in today’s climate.

    Biggest goals for 2017? My biggest goal for 2017/2018 is to continue to build my brand. Keep gaining exposure with the help of blogs sites like this one. I appreciate your time.

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