Exclusive Interview 



Bio? Born in Detroit, Treez is a Rapper, Singer and Record Producer. He moved from his hometown in southeast Michigan to pursue his artistry in boston. In 2014 Treez found himself looking inward to better define his sound and carve out a niche in the R&B market. Now Treez finds himself creating music that really speaks to your fully embracing your inner weirdo and other around you. While listening to Treez a listener finds themselves taken on journey articulated by his self discovery. Top Influences: Smino, monte booker, aftertheparty, Russ, partynextdoor


When are your new projects? I want people to be on the lookout for my next project called “Circus” I want to touch more on being who you really are and just not giving a F*** about what people think and just focus being the best version of yourself and know that their are plenty of others like you. I have a lot of music in the works but perfectionist so I sometimes doubt myself and hold onto music that I should just show the world. I’ve moved past it and I want to release as much music as possible this year.


What helped you get into music? My whole Family plays Instruments but it was my Mom that started us all off. She asked me what instrument I wanted to play and I chose classical guitar and play classical music for a few years and then moved onto acoustic guitar and started singing. I’ve always done my music by myself so I moved onto produce music so I could really control what my sound was and change my style to what I liked the most.


What is the one thing you would tell your fans? If you support me then please just keep being awesome listening and interacting with my music. If I’m in a city near you please come out and meet me. Thank you so much for the support so far.


What are your biggest goals for 2017? I want to get out there and perform really fun shows. I want people to come out to party and have fun with me. not just come and tell me I sounded good. thats really awesome too, don’t get me wrong. I want to give anyone who comes out to a show to have the time of their lives. I want to give something to you. I also just want to put out As much music as I can and build a bigger fan base.

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