Lord Teezy

  1. Exclusive Interview 

    Top 5 Influences? my top 5 influences are Starlito, Tupac, Ugk, Bone Thugs and Harmony, and Boosie

    New Project? I have a new project just released called Pressure Is My Pleasure it a mixtape that can be found on Spinrilla and the single Believe In Me can also be found on that mixtape plus other formats such as Spotify and iTunes

    What got you into music? I’ve always be a product of art My whole family deals with some form of art rather it’s music fashion or drawing I just found myself more poetically inclined so that drew me to a lyrical stand point in art and I grew up in the 90s when hip hop was life and use to love seeing my mom freestyle on her karaoke machine when I was maybe 6 or 7 long story short by the age of 9 I had my own karaoke machine recording over my mama old tapes every since then music have been life

    Anything to say to your fans? Something I would say to my fans is no matter how many ppl tell u u can’t do something always stick to wat u have set in place for yourself because nobody can control yo reality but you believe in nobody but yourself and wat u seek to achieve and and you will prosper.

    Biggest goals? My biggest goal whole have to be to expand my music to a global community before this year over

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