Chuck Dice


Exclusive Interview 


Bio. Chuck Dice is a rapper/singer songwriter hailing from Hickory NC but having pursued music in Charlotte and Winston Salem. Seduced by the street life since a young teen and being in an out of incarceration, he has still managed to open up for big names such as Juvenile, Rocko and Soulja Boy. Formerly artist name Fathead and  a fourth of the group Nu Era, he coined them with the ” Power 98″ radio hit “Thru my state” getting them a sponsership with Monster Energy Drinks. After musical differences he left the group and changed his name to Chuck Dice dropping the single and Youtube video “can i explain” getting over 100k views. Following up with his new timeless single “shots fired” now in digital stores with his soulfull hook crooning and storytelling verses he sure to be a new name in music for everyone to remember. Stay tuned as he finishes up his solo debut mixtape ” still on perole” dropping later this year.


Top 5 influences?: T.I .Jay Z. Tupac. 3-6 Mafia. Drake…I couldnt stop at 5! Lol…Beani Seigal. Outkast. Nate Dogg Notorious B.i.G Nas. Chris Brown and Future. 


What helped you get into music? What helped me get into music was friends telling me i was natural at it and finally starting to write again during my first prison sentence.


New projects?: I am finishing up my mixtape “still on perole” dropping in late November and about to shoot the video for “shots fired” (now in all digital stores itunes etc.) Which is gonna be mind blowing. Yall got 2 see that! So stay tuned.


Anything to say to your fans?: Support real life music and continue to support my music as we journey thru this beautiful opportunity called “life” together. #DiceLife



Goals for 2017?: To finish up “Still on Parole” and shoot tha video for “shots fired”. Also to keep creating platforms for me to get booked more often.


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