Shifty Eyes

  1.  Exclusive Interview 

    Bio: Shifty Eyes is a hip hop artist from Alberta, Canada. His struggles with finding his identity and recovery from drug abuse as a teen helped propel him towards music. He started by performing at shows in his hometown, which eventually led to tours across Canada and the US. A dynamic live performer who engages with his audience through contagious energy, he lit up the stage at SXSW in 2017. Mentorship and production from the Grand Hustle Gang, has allowed Shifty Eyes to discover his true musical style. For more information on upcoming performances and new releases, follow Shifty Eyes on Facebook, Twitter andInstagram, or go to .

    Top 5 Influences? My top 5 influences would have to be Bone Thugz n Harmony, Notorious BIG, Snoop Dogg, Eminem and Ice Cube. Although I am inspired by a lot of artists.

    New Projects? I just released the first single off my latest project as well the music video for “Beast” will be releasing soon. The album project will be available in 2018 exact release date to be announced. Although I will be releasing many projects in between now and then.

    What got you into music? This is a hard question… I have always been very creative I just needed the right outlet, and music is that outlet. I have had everything but good experiences though, so I guess its the struggle that really fuels me. From addictions to self loathing I became a musician, its basically an anti depressant. They told me I couldn’t do it so I knew I could. Thats what has kept me going as well, I am uncomfortable living a “normal” life could never hold a regular 9-5 so its kind of crazy how much I thrive as a rapper. The life I live now in my career is awesome I am free to express myself in anyway I feel really and I feel thats something all of us strive to do!

    Anything to tell your fans? I like to encourage everyone to live past their limits, we live in a world so separated and seem to think the limitations we define are real. They are not, we are all able to grow together and in more ways than one. Don’t be fooled by the one income 9-5 lifestyle cause its not reality, everyone has talents so find what inspires YOU and run with it. If my music inspires you than you should understand I made what I have from nothing, I never thought I would ever go as far as I have but now there is no limits to how much further I can go. If you believe you will succeed, and the biggest piece of advice I could give is to just dive in, failure is immanent on the road to success so fail hard, hit rock bottom, fall, because you will only glean the resources to succeed from those failures. There is no guide book on how we live out our lives, so just live it you really cant control much, we think we can but we cant life just happens, you just got to have a good attitude while living and you will be 100%

    Biggest goals? My biggest goal is to meet as many fans as I can this year and the years to come, but this year I really want to grind from the bottom in the small markets and get to know the fans I have already as well as the potential fans in those areas. I have so much material to release, 2 mixtapes and a full length album backed with a plethora of epic visuals that tell an overall story of my journey. So my goal over all is to really connect with people physically through performing and touring more than through a computer screen! I have toured North America a few times now but this will be the first time we tackle a full length Shifty Eyes tour. Watch for me in a city near you! We want to meet all the Devil Kids we can face to face!

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