Camron Stillgess

Exclusive Interview 

Bio: My name is Camron Stillgess and I’m a rapper/artist coming out of Florida (born in Ohio.) Music is the only thing I want out of life, if anything can go good for me this is what I want to work out. I love music and music loves me.

Top 5 influences? Deante’ Hitchcock, Kanye West, J. Cole, Post Malone and My father who is also a rapper, his stage name is D-Stilla. Most of the people on the list I don’t even get influenced by their music really.. of course I listen to Deante and Kanye West religiously but it’s their story that influences me so much. Their up-bringing and how they got into music just inspires me so much.

New Projects?  As of right now I just set up a modest studio at my friends house and he is helping me get hella music done. Once we get in the groove we boutta be making so much creative music. But the plan is drop some singles, get some traction.. drop an EP, then the rest is a suprise. We coming tho.

What helped me get into music? Of course my dad doing this music thing his whole life and me seeing that was just so cool to me. I loved what he was doing and his music. What also fueled it was all my other family doing artistic things. My mom and grandma are such amazing singers, my cousins and aunt play piano as well as my grandma and just everyone on my dad’s side rapping was just amazing to me. Then once I saw how powerful music was and it allowed to me get everything out my heart and soul.. music is the best outlet I have. I fell in love with it and the rest is history.

Anything to tell your fans? I love ya’ll forreal. The people who listen to me now, Ima make ya’ll proud and everything bout to make sense soon. Promise.

Goals for 2017? Come harder then I did ever before, and give it time and let the blessings flow in.

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