$ix$yde Productions


Exclusive Interview 


BIO? We are $ix$yde Productions repping 609 South Jersey and we are currently a small collective of rappers and producers founded by Evan B and J Trilla.


Top 5 Influences? Some of our biggest influences include Kendrick, Pharrell, Kayne West, Joey Bada$$, Eminem, & Smoke Dza, along with many other genres.


New Projects? Currently we’re working on an abundance of instrumentals, experimenting with new sounds, samples and whatnot. We hope to have our debut project this winter along with instrumentals for other artists. Trilla is working on solo project Nineteen and Evan B is still in early stages of next solo project.


What got you into music? We’ve both been musically analytical our entire life but began writing lyrics around age 10 due to the passion for both music and the pen. Production came much later around 16 when we were looking to develop a unique sound and stop using youtube beats.


Anything to tell your fans? One thing we’d tell the fans is we appreciate all of you and we’re excited for you to watch us grow.


Biggest goals of 2017? Our biggest goals of 2017 include hitting shows in the Jersey, Philly New York areas , expanding our fan base, and releasing more music.

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