Exclusive Interview 

Bio? my real name is Michael Fofanah – I was born in New Jersey, Bruinswick and raised in Columbus, Ohio – Im a lit producer – i like to hoop – i am raised with both parents – i am the oldest child out of 4 – my little brother is a rapper – im a college student at Columbus State Community College – 18 years old

Top 5 Influences?  My parents – Kobe Bryant – young murda – Lavar Ball – Barack Obama

New Projects? idk yet just working on it

What helped you get into music? idk frfr, it started around my junior year of high school when i started to listen to music in a different way. what i mean by that is i started focusing more on the beats instead of the lyrics. i remember my teacher always telling me to pay attention because i was always in the back of the class bobbing and dancing to the music in my big JBL headphones. at the time i knew that if there was no fire beats, then the song would be trash. So i decided to make beats. at the time i didn’t have a laptop so i used my iPad that i had and downloaded this music app to make my beats. It was like a piano app and i could record my melodies on it and then make the beat. i knew that i needed a laptop to put my beats out there. So until i got one i kept making beats on my iPad. Then ever since i got the laptop i’ve been making beats.

Anything to tell your fans?  If you want something so bad, you’ll do whatever it takes to make it happen. If you start something, you gotta keep grinding. Grind never stops. If things are bad at the time, keep going because believe or not someone is going to notice you and see that your willing to work for what you want.

Biggest goals for 2017? : 1. Have a famous rapper/singer rap/sing on one of my beats. Like Kodack Black, Lil Uzi Vert, 21 Savage, Lil Yachty ect. 2. start making money off of my beats. 3. Becoming closer to success at the thing i love to do. Thanks for letting me do this by the way. 

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