Exclusive Interview 



Eye, Essence – being born in LA, then later raised in Eyedaho, gave me the experiences which shaped me into who eye am today. Seeing how two very different ways of life merged together, I learned about the connectedness of diverse cultures found universally within the love for music. I am currently living in a city you never heard about; the 208, with dreams of being a Hip-Hop artist who is well capable of raising the collective consciousness. Lately I’ve been uncovering deeper understanding of our spirit which I interpret through musical instrumentation with words from my soul. My creative process is composed of past life experiences that opened up my mind to view the world through hidden extra sensory perceptions. Everyday eye am mastering  my craft which shows my ambition to spread a visionary idea of what it means to keep  Living Lucid.




If you could bring one thing to music what would it be?

Nothing is new under the sun, everything has been done every way imaginable, except for my style. I really only hope to bring back lyricism to the mainstream audience and make it popular like it was back in the 80’s and 90’s. The only difference I’m working to accomplish is mixing lyrics with “lit” modern sounding instrumentals.


What inspires you?

The Spiritual realm (Astrals),

DRUGS, my experiences during my existence, struggles the people can relate to, Religion, God, the Occult and evil.


Who are your favorite producers?

EYE MC, DJ YŪGN, DJ Premier , Dr. Dre, J Dilla, Just Blaze, Flying Lotus


Process of creating timeless?

1. Inspiration introspection reflecting on my life experiences. This is Achieved through deep meditation and altered states of consciousness.

2. Freestyle writing and song structuring until it’s right.

3. Studio recording session, finishing rough draft.

4. Mixing and Mastering

5. Promoting finished product


Goals for new projects?

To grow a sharing fan base that is willing to recognize my hard work and time I put into my craft, hopefully moving them to spread forward my message.

– Essence

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