Tito Vandida



Exclusive Interview 



Give us your bio. Born in the semi small town of Fayetteville Arkansas, Tito Vandida, bringing influences from many different forms of music, but hugely influenced by trap artists. I never expected to be noticed musically. I just kinda knew it was always something I wanted to be involved with. Whether it be producing, rapping, singing etc. etc. I started out producing lofi beats but wasn’t really getting anywhere, so I took what I knew from making beats and started rapping over my own stuff. I got into trap music just because I love how hyped up it is. It just seems like trap rappers have so much fun doing it and I was just like “I wanna do that one day”. I for the most part got into music because it was kind of a stress reliever for me. When I started making beats and rapping and stuff I was kind of struggling with a lot of personal things and making music has definitely helped me kind of be myself, and given me something else to think about and focus on insted of all the negative stuff going on around me. It hasn’t really been about “making a lot of money” to me, more so that it has been a stress reliever and if it inspires people to do whatever they want to do in life then that’s even better!


Who are your top 5 influences? I gain influences from lots of different things, lots of different genre’s of music. My biggest is probably Ronnie Radke, the singer of falling in reverse. He has always been my idol and a big influence musically to me. In terms of rap it’d have to be like Drake Xxxtentacion and ski mask the slump god, basically the entire underground soundcloud scene. And of course my favorite band pierce the veil.



When are your new projects coming out? Right now I’m not really working on any projects, just kinda releasing music until something sticks



What helped you get into music? Mostly just a love of music, I’ve always loved music from a very young age and its just something that’s kinda been very important to me. What is one thing you would tell your fans? Well I’m not really sure I have many fans lol. But I’d tell the ones that like my music that I am working on a lot of stuff, and always working hard on it



What are your biggest goals for 2017? I really wanna go on tour, even if its just like an Arkansas tour or something that’d be dope. Maybe getting a whole album out at some point. We’ll see, stay tuned. Thank you so much!

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