D.A.R.E. T.W.O.

  1.  Exclusive Interview 

    Bio: Dare Two is a 22-year-old artist from Newark, New Jersey. Influenced by the sounds of J Dilla, Redman, Lauryn Hill, Wu-tang clan, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, J Cole and many others Dare is a rather explicit lyricist known for his storytelling and his somber yet pleasant experience growing up in New Jersey and his tenure at an HBCU in Atlanta. Dare’s latest song “Beth Israel” pays tribute to Cab Calloway and a special individual of his family, who is no longer with Dare. This caught the attention of BrandNewHipHop and the upcoming HypeCity, Philadelphia’s Premier Hip-Hop Radio Show, on UTM Radio. With help from the right people promoting his music Dare has started amassing a buzz gaining nearly 300,000 people listening to songs that are rather raw freestyles in under a month. His songs will be mastered into great songs in the future. He gives his people a rather interesting image of his life through expressing his thoughts about the rape culture in “Birds and the Bees” or talking about the what’s happening in the world in “The message”. He is grinding to get his message heard and be a great star with longevity.

    New Projects? New Project will either be called “Dare 2 Begin” or “Dare 2 Start” and will be coming out soon

    What helped me get into music? the most was that a lot of people thought I was talented in High School but I got annoyed by people who want to hear a freestyle every single day. When I went to college I just dead it and just started writing and perfecting my craft. When I graduate I start recording and writing rhymes.

    Anything to tell your fans? The one to tell my fans is to grind and if you have multiple things you like to do like me take the opportunity and take because life is short. Like I want to be a Physical Therapist but I love to rapper so why not do both!

    Biggest goals of 2017? Biggest goals for 2017 is to get signed by a label and working with great people. I’m getting buzz from being on a few hip hop blogs and I want to keep that going. I just got to keep grinding and perfecting everything. Also try to get a song on the radio as soon as possible!

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