Alex Moore

  1. Top 5 influences? the artists that influence me and how I make music the most are Big Sean, Wiz Khalifa, B.o.B, Hoodie Allen, and Roscoe Dash. Now I know it’s not the usual people (like JAYZ or Tupac), but I’m part of generation that never got too into music from that period in time.

    New Projects? I definitely have a dope project coming out either this fall or winter. Its called ‘Trippy’ and it is basically a collection of songs that describe my college experience so far. I am also working on a R&B project that I plan to drop around Valentines Day 2018.

    What got you into music?  From an early age I was in the church and school chorus’, also I have been playing guitar for about 7 years now. I never really thought much about making songs until I was about 15 when Chris (my brother) and I decided to make a rap group. He eventually dropped rapping but he encouraged me to do it cause I needed some sort of outlet at that time. after that I kinda stuck with it and honed my craft.

    Anything to tell fans? I love you guys so much! Without your support I probably would still be trying to find the person I truly am and I probably wouldn’t have half the courage I have today. So thank you guys so much; much love and be on the look out for ‘Trippy’, it’s lit!

    Goals for 2017? Well 2017 is almost over and my goal was to release two projects this year. ‘YRF’ was already released in March if I remember correctly and ‘Trippy’ is literally one song away from being completed. I think my goal for the rest of the year now that I’m pretty much done is to continue working hard on music and school, plus continue to send out good vibes through music that hopefully people will enjoy.

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