Exclusive Interview


Bio? My name is Aka $mokeDogg, I’m a 22 year old artist from Minnesota, I’m very hands on with everything I do in music I write, record & master all of my projects. I make music for people like myself people who feel like outcasts in society. If you want to get to know me better check out my music.


Top 5 Influences? Since a child Hip Hop has been a huge influence for me. The first CD I ever bought was “The Chronic 2001” next came “The Marshall Mathers LP” I was twelve years old when I found my brother’s Outkast, Aquemini CD. That’s when I truly fell in love with hip hop, Growing up in the country with 4 siblings whose favorite genres range from old Country, Blues, R&B,Soul,Metal, Rock & Hip Hop has given me a very eclectic taste in music. 1.Andre 3000 2.Eminem 3.Kendrick Lamar 4.Dr.Dre 5.Snoop Dogg If you check my iTunes library it ranges from rappers to soul artist and old Country singers from OutKast to Eminem from Gil Scott Heron to Tracy Chapman & everything in between the music that truly inspires me is the music that give me goosebumps, music that makes me feel something.


New Projects? I just recently dropped my first LP titled ConsciousLP it’s a futuristic tape with a late 90’s early 2000’s feel that give my fans a glimpse of my consciousness & what goes on in my mind, As of late i’ve been working on a EP titled HeartBreak Veteran it will be a five track EP available sometime this fall/winter this one will be focused on all the heartbreaks i’ve faced while on this earth from life & death , Sacrifices i’ve made to continue making music & eventually the rebirth of my soul & heart after making peace with the past & rebuilding, I know everyone will be able to relate to this tape in some way because we’ve all had our share of heartbreaks, I hope by the end of the tape the listener will find the courage & strength to let go of the past & be reborn with a newfound urge to spread love & be loved again.


What Got You Into Music? Music has always been a form of expression for me a way to get everything off my mind while creating something beautiful, As a kid I didn’t have very many friends & my family was always busy working so music has been my best friend since the jump, I’ve been writing music & poems since I was 12 when I was in 9Th grade me & my friends started freestyle Fridays we would have a fire every Friday & play instrumentals & freestyle for hours when I got into high school one of my friends asked if I wanted to make a song so we recorded my first song in his car with a macbook & usb mic for some reason people loved my music so since that day i’ve strived to make the best music I possibly can, The rest is history in the making so follow me on this journey.


Anything To Tell Your Fans? To all the people who’ve stuck with me & supported my music since I dropped my first song in high school & all the people who’ve been down since I first started rapping you’re the reason i’m still here making music so thank you, Without my fans I would have given up, For all the new people who just discovered me & want to be apart of the gang welcome i’m glad you’re here, I never wanted fans I just wanted a giant family who supports my music & beliefs so if you are a new “Fan’ i’m glad you’re apart of my family I Love You. 


Biggest Goals Of 2017? My biggest goal of 2017 & beyond is to break out of the local scene & bring my music all over the world, I want to help my mom & siblings achieve things they have always wanted & I want to help the world become better while i’m still here.

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