Li Blanc

Exclusive Interview 

Top 5 Influences? well I listened to a lot of different stuff growing but my top five influences who have to be DMX, 50 cent, outcast , Drake and like 50 different singers lol

New Projects? me and my collective third force are just coming off of dropping eps but I have should have my first mixtape Pity party done by latest December

What got you into music? i got into music because I always loved creating art and I always just good with words so I naturally feel into rap. Plus me and my theatre friends made a mixtape into highschool and I just feel in love with it

Anything to tell fans? the most important thing I would tell my fans is thank you I don’t think fans get enough credit in their role or really making people’s dreams come true along with it just feels amazing knowing someone appreciates your art

Goals for 2017? Besides increasing my song making ability by my biggest goal is just getting my name out there. I feel I have the music and talent I just need people to give me a shot and vibe out

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