Drey Smoove

Exclusive Interview  BIO: My name is Drey Smoove (I’m chill as hell so I just prefer everyone to just call me Drey). I am a Soul Sample beat maker FIRST then an Emcee second. I say that because my intent initially was to mold artist to reach their full potentially sonically through the inspiration of Soul … More Drey Smoove


  Exclusive Interview    BIO? My name is Max Hanley (Leyma) I’m 16 and I live in East London, I’ve been into music my whole life but only seriously started to make music 6 months ago. I make all my own music by myself, songwriting, production, mastering.   Top 5 Influences? It’s hard to choose … More Leyma


 Exclusive Interview  BIO? Washington, DC’s Recipe4Winning, has all the ingredients needed to be the next major act rising from the DMV. This 24-year-old rap artist has gained a substantial buzz this year with eye-catching visuals and show-stopping performances. Now, with his upcoming project titled Why Stop Now, set to release on September 16, 2017, Recipe4Winning … More IAMRecipe4Winning

Kristina Hone

Exclusive Interview  Top 5 influences? Etta James, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera New Projects? I am releasing my third single soon. With a few other songs after that from my EP which was a project that took some time to complete. What helped you get into music?. Good question. I was always … More Kristina Hone


Exclusive Interview  BIO Kourtney Johnson also known as KnovaT27 Is a dancing rap artist.. Hold up wait..did you just say dancing rap artist?? Why yes yes I did! Kourtney Aka KnovaT27 has many years of theater and performing arts experience ranging from concerts to musicals to traveling school to school to perform for younger kids. … More KnovaT27


Exclusive Interview  Bio: I’m a 20 year-old Hip Hop Artist from Dayton, Ohio. I strive to make music that makes the listener feel good. I produce, record, and engineer my music, which causes me to get the most minimal amount of sleep, but hey I love it. Also, I go to Steak ‘n Shake about … More GrandAce


      Exclusive Interview       Bio: 17 year old artist from the Bahamas, started as a musician and went on to producing and realized I had some talent when it came to rapping so I just tried it out and people seemed to like it so I kept on.   Top influences? … More IIzekeII

Dope D

Exclusive Interview   BIO The names Dope D, broward county is where I reside, music is what saved my life, kept me outta trouble, gave me a way to express feeling and keep myself sane, I didn’t realize how big music played a role into my life until I got into high school music was … More Dope D

Blake Shawn

Exclusive Interview  BIO? Blake Shawn McCowan-Martin was born in Tempe, Arizona on December 15, 1999. He is one of two kids. He started rapping when he was 9 and recorded his first song on a Flip Phone with his sister and cousin. When he was in 8th grade, his parents divorced. This was just one … More Blake Shawn