Rob Diamond



Exclusive Interview 


Bio?: I’m a 20 year old Cuban Rnb singer/Rapper from Dallas Texas


Top 5 influences?: It would have to be the group mindless behavior, Bryson tiller, Dutchboy, Brent faiyaz and Trwubblenaut When are your new projects coming out: my new project is supposed to drop in October 2017 and I’m calling it “About you” if I don’t drop the project I’ll for sure drop the single in the next few weeks so be sure to keep an eye out for that.


What helped you get into music? Growing up I always loved music and singing but I was HORRIBLE, and a lot of my friends were singers, I began writing a lot of music for them and then finally one day I decided to start making music myself and I started rapping and now I’m transitioning into being just a singer.


What is you would tell your fans? First off THANK YOU ALL for supporting me and that I love you all, and this is only the beginning


Biggest goals for 2017?: Dropping my debut project “About you” and to get booked to do more shows and most importantly taking more vocal development lessons so I can be the best I can be!

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