Exclusive Interview 


BIO We come from Aliquippa Pa USA We’ve been in the game for 20+ years but da ISM is the first project we’ve put together. We also collaborated with Diggs Unda and JR Mann to form Mutual Fundz dropping the album GrownUps…..


Top 5 Influences? Our influences are numerous Nas, Big ,Black Thought Wu Tang ATCQ Run DMC just to name a few.


What got you into music? We got into music mainly due to local acts like Ryk Fury and NOON. Myself (1stSun and my brother SnapDaIllest used to rap over industry beats and record for fun. Then we collaborated with some local acts and Tone Fultz(The Messiah of Madness convinced us to stick with it. We’ve been recording ever since.


Anything to tell your fans? We would first like to apologize for the long wait. Also thank whoever’s stuck with us. We hope that the wait was/is worth it. We have another Mutual Fundz project we’ve just completed, due out later this year.


Goals for 2017? Our goal is to keep real hip-hop alive and possibly gain fans and satisfy the cravings of the one who have held us down over years. Once again apologizing for the long wait..

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