Young Cloony




Exclusive Interview 



BIO? I am 20 years old originally from Houston but really grew up and graduated from high school in Plano Tx at Plano senior high so I rep. P-town all day. I am a rapper but I like to consider myself an Artist lol because I do more than just rap. I do a little jazz, a little production, and some art. I have been making music for a total of about 7 months so it will be a year in December Influences.


Top 5 Influences? I would say my top influences in music would be Mac Miller, Skizzy Mars, Post Malone, logic, and Kirko Bangz but there are quite a few others that I really look up to as far as sound and content in my music.


New Projects? I got a project that I am in the process of writing right now called Music Making Feens. I am super excited about it because it is gunna be really complex as far as sounds. It is going to have a Jazz track on there, some love tracks, and then just some good whip bumping music. I also have a couple singles that I will be dropping before the project.


What got you into music? Getting in to Music: really it was Poetry that got me in to music. I really started to enjoy and write poetry my junior year of High school and then started to put some of them to music like in some spoken word type shit. Then that turned into just writing songs and I had a good amount of friends that I graduated with that were and are doing their thing in the Dallas music seen (shouts out to ROTG, Caleb sky, And Sinner Saint) and they encouraged me to recored my shit and so I did.


Anything to tell your fans? I got fans? Lol when did that happen! But I guess if I got people out there fucking with my music then I would tell them that they are in for a hell of a ride if they stick with me because the music I have put is trash compared to the new Project and I am only going up and getting better from here.


Goals for 2017? My biggest goals for 2017 is just to keep working to improve my lyrics and rhyme schemes and get connected with a good recording space here in Houston so I can start recording again and improve the quality of my music. Because even tho the quality of Just Having Fun was impressive for being recoded in a closet and mixed and mastered on a torrented version of FL by my boy CZ (shouts out) I wanna get that silky smooth studio sound and a lot of that has to do with me developing as an artist.

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