Exclusive Interview 



Top 5 Influences? 1. Kanye West (real original) 2. Das Racist 3. Utada Hikaru 4. John Reuben 5. DOOM


New Projects? My EP, tentatively titled “Rhymes with Orange,” is due for release August 17, which is also my 22nd birthday


What got you into music? What got me into music was my parents always playing new stuff for me. My mom would play Gospel and R&B around me while my dad introduced me to tons of underground Hip-Hop as it came out. My grandma, who to this day will do anything to make me drink water, used to reward me with CDs for it, so we’d go to this Christian bookstore at the mall and pick up Christian Rap and Rock albums. So my childhood consisted of as much Fred Hammond as it did Goodie Mob and Mars iLL. After hearing so much and seeing old tapes of my dad rapping while my mom sang in church, it’d only make sense that I decide to make something of my own.


Anything to tell your fans? I’d tell my fans to quit their jobs if it doesn’t further their dreams. Go do something you like. I’m typing this thing on the sales floor and plotting my way out now. Do something crazy for yourself. AND SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL ARTISTS REGARDLESS OF THE MEDIUM!!!!!


Biggest Goals for 2017? My biggest goal for this year is to write more songs so I can have enough content to tour with and push this EP to the point that I don’t have time for anything else. I don’t want that time anymore, so feel free to take it. Ideally, I’ll shut myself off and just finish all these tracks and keep putting out content for myself and whomever it resonates with.

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