Drey Smoove


Exclusive Interview 

BIO: My name is Drey Smoove (I’m chill as hell so I just prefer everyone to just call me Drey). I am a Soul Sample beat maker FIRST then an Emcee second. I say that because my intent initially was to mold artist to reach their full potentially sonically through the inspiration of Soul Beats. Why soul beats? It gives you that feeling when you were a child, when you were with family, when you may have had your first crush and some particular song just gave you a feeling of euphoria. Once I realized that there was too many people living in the now, not wanting the concept of something timeless setting them apart from the rest, I got my shit together and passed them up lyrically and sonically. Now mind you, I am the most humble, chill, and down to earth person you can meet so please don’t judge me based off of that response. I simply got tired of expressing how great others could be, when they didn’t want the same for themselves. So I am inspired to just simply give you the best possible product possible while generating good vibes, among good people, universally, through the essence of sound.

Top 5 Influences?  1.) 2Pac 2.) Kanye West 3.) Project Pat 4.)Prince 5.)Isley Brothers


New Projects? I am currently working on my upcoming EP “Soul Food”. The original name of the mixtape was supposed to be “Been Trill” back in the summer of 2014, but I was at a transitional point in my life which led to the stories and intensity that I will be presenting “Soul Food” in, that wouldn’t have been as impact in Soul Food. I have grown as a person, I had to go thru some shit, I’ve been knocked down, and I got tf back up with my chin help high with no stopping in sight. I am in the prime of my life, so I feel that my calling NOW is to inspire others to be the greatest form of themselves that they can be. FUCK EVERYONE IN OPPOSITION OF YOUR GOALS, DREAMS, AND HAPPINESS. You got this……and so do I.

What got you into music? Honestly in 2002 after seeing Drumline, seeing Nick Cannon’s head ass playing the snare drum inspired me to get into music (S/o to Nick Cannon btw no diss). From that moment, I started playing snared drum and percussion instruments from 2003-2009 (3rd Grade-10th Grade), because it was simply the heartbeat of the band. The slick rudiments, the drum rolls, me winning my elementary school’s first talent show through this talent….I knew that music would always be apart of my life. In middle school, I decided that I wanted to further push my musical potential so I played the Cello in the 7th grade. From that experience, I learned to appreciate the timeless part of music that I mentioned earlier. Orchestra was like a story being told, a to be continued thing after every overture played. Like WIll meeting Carton for the first time, like that! in 2009, band became corny to me and so were the people in it as well. So I decided that I didn’t want to lose my passion in music, so I taught myself how to make beats using FL Studio 6 DEMO VERSION and I was horrible!!! I knew that I have a high level of learning, so I devoted myself to finding out how to pay homage to the music that I grew up on, and put a ill ass spin to it WITHOUT taking away from the artist of the Sample. That was 2009, 2011 I heard bullshit raps in Ohio during my freshman year of college at Bowling Green State University. Really didn’t want to work with anyone to waste my beats, so I started rapping myself. I just simply wanted someone to mold my beat into an overture, and I just felt that those who rapped at the time could not fufill that for me. I used to make every beat ONE TIME. No edits, no coming back to it, I had the DEMO VERSION of FL Studio so it was a one and done for me. So to not have an artist rip the beat, I wasted my time staying up over countless nights making these damn beats! So I created my first mixtape “The Evolution of Drey Smoove” () to just get my feet wet with rapping. Now after going through LIFE, “Soul Food” is the sequence since I feel that I am knee deep with this experience now.

Anything to tell your fans? Ummmm I rather call everyone ambassadors. People become so cocky from that word, so I prefer to call you all ambassadors because your a representation of what I make from being inspired by you. I would just tell them to “SUPPORT THE REAL”-2pac A lot of people talk, including myself in the past, but now…….I just want you to feel it. You’ll understand in due time.

Any goals for 2017? Well 2017 is over, just to drop “Soul Food”, AQUIRE A TRUSTWORTHY AND MORAL DRIVEN manager, Booking show dates, networking with more people in music world wide, and spread this dope shit to the masses before my birthday in December! 2018, I hope we can have a follow up conversation about these acquired ambitions.

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