Marcell “Sweet Geesus”



Exclusive Interview 



BIO? Well I like to start with my name and how I got it; Marcell “SweetGeesus” Marcell is just my middle name but I got “SweetGeesus” because my first name translated into Hebrew is Jesus. And I adopted the name Gee from my dad because that’s his street name and that’s where Geesus came from. So all together “SweetGeesus” to me means that I like to think highly of myself as should everyone but I change the speaking and added parentheses because I don’t want anyone to think I’m claiming to be Jesus and its a reminder to myself to stay humble.


Top 5 Influences? My top 5 influences I would say have to be Tupac Kendrick Lamar Travis Scott SZA & Childish Gambino in no particular order. I always like to point out the reason I consider Tupac one of my biggest influences because most people would say it’s a cliche answer. But the reason behind it is that I don’t consider Tupac just a “rapper”. I consider him an all around artist who actually stood for something that went beyond the music. He cared about his community, social issues, and his fans. Everything he shared with us had a purpose and such a huge impact that we still talk about his actions today. He’s an artist in all sense of the word.


New Projects? As for projects I have coming out I plan on having an album done before the end of the year but I’m still working on getting clearance for all the material im using. But I’m for sure going to drop an ep before my album so I can something to share with fans.


What helped you get into music? What helped me to get into music was basically growing up on hip-hop. Before I could even talk I was listening to hip-hop. My dad would always play his records when I was around. He’d play them so much that I eventually acquired a taste for it. And around the age 13 I started writing my first rhymes. One thing I would tell my fans is that I appreciate all the support because if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be making music, even if they aren’t all day one fans.


Biggest Goals? My biggest goals are basically to set my self up for success in the future. Number one is finishing my album of course. But other than that I want to touch down with more artists to create with. There’s alot of talent out here in the hip-hop/r&b scene and I just want to be part of something great. And here are some of social media to look to for updates on my music. Instagram: @whoismarcell Twitter: Snapchat: marcellthemp Facebook: Marcell “SweetGeesus”

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