Kristina Hone

Kristina Hone

Exclusive Interview 

Top 5 influences? Etta James, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera

New Projects? I am releasing my third single soon. With a few other songs after that from my EP which was a project that took some time to complete.

What helped you get into music?. Good question. I was always very shy up until the end of primary school and always loved music classes. I was also a dancer from a young age and l was lucky enough to have had a teacher at the end of primary school who noticed my hidden talents and encouraged me to choreograph some of our school dances. This really got me out of my shell because I’d often been overlooked until then. By secondary school I was having private vocal training, active in school choir, studying music, vocal competitions, lead female vocalist in school band and dancing at a competitive level outside of school. After school I had to focus on study until I became unwell and it redirected me through challenging circumstances back to music and songwriting which is how my current songs came to be.


Anything to tell your fans? Be yourself and follow your dreams no matter what anyone tells you. You’re stronger than you realize 

Biggest goals for 2017? Release more music, music videos, plan for live performances and continue writing new songs.

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