Exclusive Interview 

BIO Kourtney Johnson also known as KnovaT27 Is a dancing rap artist.. Hold up wait..did you just say dancing rap artist?? Why yes yes I did! Kourtney Aka KnovaT27 has many years of theater and performing arts experience ranging from concerts to musicals to traveling school to school to perform for younger kids. He started dancing at a very young age impressing all who had the pleasure on watching him. As he got a little older Kourtney began to gravitate more toward the writing side of music as he began to write he began to record and as he began to record he began to continue his performing. Wining the “This is 50 show case” against other artist around the country in May of 2016. He now is currently working on his newest project “Red Moon Rising” He is more then excited to show not only his fans but the world what he has in store!

Top 5 Influences? Eminem DMX Jarren Benton Howard Jones (when with killswitch engage) Travis Scott Hopsin


New Projects? I don’t have an exact date for the album but if I had to say I would say the beginning of next year maybe toward the end of winter. I’ll forsure keep you guys updated!

What got you into music? What helped me get Into music was my mom and track practice my senior year of high school. My mom listen to rap all my life so I grew up on it hence the DMX & Eminem being my favorite rappers. Before track practice we had study hall and some track mates were playing beats and rapping over them and I thought to myself…I could do That! So i went home that very night grabbed a pin and a pad and haven’t stopped since!


Anything to say to your fans? Thank you for supporting me i couldn’t do it with out y’all! And if you wanna chat or have any questions DM, or email me! Also come out to the shows chop it up with a brotha!

Goals for 2017? One of my biggest goals for 2017 is to finish my project by the end of this year then relaae it early next year. Also I’m working on my home studio so also to have that finished because let’s be honest studio time ain’t cheap and nor is the time I spend creating music.


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