Exclusive Interview




Bio: 17 year old artist from the Bahamas, started as a musician and went on to producing and realized I had some talent when it came to rapping so I just tried it out and people seemed to like it so I kept on.


Top influences? : definitely Eminem, his was really the first person who got me into rap at all, Travis Scott was also a huge part of why I stuck around when it came to rap, but there were also a lot of new school people who heavily influenced me like trippie red and xxxtentacion really helped me become more diverse as an artist, and people like cartoon made me focus more on the hype and crowd appeal element.


New projects?: Imma try to keep dropping consistently so probably every week or two weeks on Friday. Music: ive always been into music from a youngin but I really got into the rap music scene at around 9 years old but the first time I actually tried rapping was after I watched lil pumps no jumper tour vlogs and I was like I’ve gotta have this lifestyle.


Anything to tell your fans? To the fans I love all of yall and I hope you continue to support me along this journey 


Biggest goals of 2017? goal is just to build a real loyal fan base that actually care for and support me my dreams and what I do.

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