Dope D

Exclusive Interview  

BIO The names Dope D, broward county is where I reside, music is what saved my life, kept me outta trouble, gave me a way to express feeling and keep myself sane, I didn’t realize how big music played a role into my life until I got into high school music was there before I just listened to it more than I created it then I dropped out school wasn’t for me so I had to grind for the shit I wanted slowly investing more and more into music no hand outs no help my stories in the music

Top 5 Influences?  1. Fabolous 2. Jadakiss 3. Meek Mill 4. Joe Budden 5. Eminem

New Projects? I just released a few projects this month when I come back from Vegas I will be releasing a single thru a large amount of streaming platforms and then will be creating visuals for the new sound

What got you into music? What pushed me towards music is I didn’t know how to control my emotions especially after my parents divorced I didn’t really want to talk to anyone but with different chapters your story goes on I had a lot of injuries playing basketball I really wanted to play for the school I went to but I wasn’t doing well with grades so I dropped out and music just always seemed to be there when times were rough


Anything to tell your fans? One thing I could tell my fans is don’t regret the things you do only regret the things you don’t chase your dreams and don’t let anyone or anything get in the way. I’d probably also tell them about the time I snuck into a jay z concert but that’s a whole nother story. 

Biggest Goals? My biggest goal for 2017 was to build and create I’m coming into 2018 strong

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