friend of kristopher


Exclusive Interview 


Bio?My name is friend of kristopher, I was born and raised in Memphis, TN. I live in Los Angeles, California and I make Indie R&B / Pop music. 


Top 5 influences?  I tried thinking about this for a long time… I couldn’t come up with anyone in particular because there are just way too many great artist that have impacted me. But if I would have to put anything down.. I would say it would have to be any kind of Memphis southern soul music… because that’s really what I was raised on… and that’s what’s made the biggest impression on me as far as the kind emotional response I seek to give and receive in any kind of music, no matter what it is.


New projects?  well right now I’m working on my first EP. Hoping it will be ready by the end of 2017. But at the very latest March of 2018 (I really like the month of March). But I do plan on releasing at least a single before 2017 is up (if in fact we’re all still here, especially us in LA).


What helped you get into music?  I mean I’ve been involved in music really since I can remember.. I loved dancing when I was really little and then around the age of 7 I got a drum kit, guitar at 9, bass at 11, etc etc etc. But my biggest influence was my Dad who (back in the day), was a songwriter in Memphis / Nashville (he ultimately got a job and stopped writing.. You know how it goes).


Anything to tell your fans?  Hmmm.. other than just thank you so much for supporting me, or even listening to my music… because that’s really all I could ever ask for. I would just say if you feel me, and vibe with my story.. just believe in yourself… because there have been so many SO MANY times where I felt like giving up on life and my music.. And that’s really what my devotion to my art is about.. That passion for giving your life to something, no matter what it is. (well with the exception of like racism, and like idk obvious stuff not to give your life to). And also for them to interact with me.. @friendofkristopher_ on ig & @freindok_ on twitter and of course @ friend of kristopher on soundcloud.


Biggest goals for 2017? Other than continue to focus on making the purest art I can… I would like to work more on my social media presence and putting myself out there.. Often times I’m really shy and insecure about my work… and that really just fucks with me.. But I think just recently i’ve come to a place where I’m comfortable to start putting myself out there.

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