J Data




Exclusive Interview 



BIO JData aka Jordan Davis was born in HighPark Hospital, just north of Chicago. He began recording music at the age of 13, with ambitions on performing and rocking the stage where ever he went. He moved around alot during his childhood, from places like altgeld gardens,North and Lamarie,Bellwood,Low End, and Killeen Tx. JData is a different kind of artist that gives his songs a charismatic feeling, that drives people to want to know more about him. With his mysterious yet diverse personality, He is a force to be reckoned with and will not stop until his dreams are accomplished, what dreams you may ask, well you will have to wait and see.

 Top 5 Influences? 1. Family 2.Tupac 3.Biggie Smalls 4.Bone Thugs n Harmony 5.Dipset


New Projects? Be on the look out for my HoodiieMusic EP Hosted by DJ VDUB Getting Into Music: My older brother and my cousin’s started out rapping while I was 7yrs old I remember then recording ove cassette tapes. It inspired me to begin practicing


Anything to tell your fans?  learn as much as you can from my music and grow and Always feel motivated through rough times.


Goals For 2017? To introduce you to JData

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