DJ Dave Wine

Exclusive Interview 

Bio: My name is DJ Dave Wine, representing Bang Bang Bunny, the flip zero project, and I got love for everybody, especially those who vibe on the 420 tip and need the background music for their sessions. I am your DJ!

Top 5 Influences?: Roy Ayers, Lonnie Liston Smith, Bobbi Humphrey, ATCQ, and Bob James. I could listen to a shuffle of those 5 artists for eternity and never get sick of it. You should make a Pandora station of those 5 ASAP.


New Projects?: Just finished my new album, Creme in the Peach Lab. 10 tracks of instrumental hip hop dopeness perfect for your 420 session. Where are the dope rappers out there who will hear my shit so we can get working on your album? Hit me up. The other new project I’m super excited about is DJing. After many hours of producing (at Peach Music in DTLA, can’t recommend that place enough), I want to get out an spin for the people. I am teaming up with Sir Bourbon (NY DJ) and we’ll be posting our mixes soon on , get very excited cause we are too.

What helped you get into music? What Helped True story – I was on Wheel of Fortune and put all my prize money into my initial equipment (I was in a rap group, the Dryhumpers). When you call your crew the Dryhumpets, ain’t no one else can help put you on, you got to do that shit yourself.


Anything to tell your fans? Would Tell Fans Thank you all for always being down, we always put you first over the years. I gave up a lot of ladies I could’ve been chasing, and all the other perks that come with being a rockstar just to make sure you were getting the best show possible, the best album possible, just the best experience for whatever I was offering.

Biggest Goals for 2017? If you gave me a choice between getting the exposure as a DJ I think I deserve or the success of the album I just put out, that would be a tough choice! Ultimately the DJ experience will only happen with a lot of hard work, so I guess my goals are health and happiness for a lot of hard work to get the word out. Check back at and Twitter for more dopeness to come.

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